Saturday, 3 August 2024

A hilarious comedy that is equally provocative, poetic and tender, this story is set in the late 18th century in Tunbridge Wells but plays games with time and social status as well as having a twist in the tail. It follows the 'social round' of Maybelline Erstwhile who records which dresses she wears for each event in her 'dressing book' - and the men she encounters while wearing them.

The play opens a window on the way clothes were – and still are - a means by which men could control the separated public and private worlds of women. Has anything changed? Through a process of ‘magic realism’ the action changes to the 1960’s and Maybelline’s clothes, which had been her prison, now set her free.

Picnics from 6:30pm for a 7:30pm performance.

Tickets available here.