The Godinton Charitable Trust (GCT)

The Godinton Charitable Trust (GCT) was founded in 1974 by the late Alan Wyndham Green, who inherited Godinton House and Estate in 1952. The Trust was founded with generous gifts of land in 1974, 1986 and 1989. This land was required for development by Ashford Borough Council and Mr Wyndham Green elected to use the proceeds for charitable purposes.

After the passing of Alan Wyndham Green in 1996, the Charitable Trust provided funding for the renovation and preservation of Godinton House, Gardens and Estate.

Alongside acting as a privately-funded, grant-making charity which supports its associated charity, the Godinton House Preservation Trust, the Charitable Trust fulfils wider charitable objectives and purposes. Trustees have discretion as to the application of its income or capital for charitable objects or purposes.

The Godinton House Preservation Trust (GHPT)

The Godinton House Preservation Trust (GHPT) was established by Alan Wyndham Green in 1991 as a charitable trust to secure the preservation of Godinton House and its contents, grounds, and parkland ‘for the public benefit’. The GHPT, consisting of a board of Trustees, was entrusted with caring for Godinton and its wider estate in 1996 and continues to do so today.

From 1996 onwards, the Trust embarked on a major renovation project to restore and stabilise the house, garden, and collections; this was the most extensive work undertaken on the house since the early part of the 20th century.

Alan made it clear to the Trustees that he did not want the house to become an impersonal museum after his death. This consideration is a key part of the working ethos of Godinton today and the house itself is open for guided tours, as it was in Alan's time. This ensures a personal experience of the property, welcoming visitors as guests and maintaining the atmosphere and characteristics of a family home.

The Trust continues to preserve Godinton for the benefit, appreciation and education of the public, not simply as a museum but as a living house, gardens, and estate.