Enjoy a lovely autumnal morning in the woodlands of Godinton House consisting of fire, food and fancy knot-work.  Lorna from Onodrimwoods, will show you how to start a fire using a rod, striker and tinder bundle. After we get the fire started, its time to start prepping our recipe for a delicious Campfire Calzone (that’s a folded pizza pocket) for a decadent elevenses snack.  With full tummies, we can relax around the warmth of the fire and learn a few essential knots which can be used in a range of situations and complete our morning by making a memento using our knotty skills.  Following Government advice, this workshop will be pre-booked, one child with one adult, children will need to be aged 8+ and accompanied by one adult.  Booking is essential £15.00 per child, one adult included.