Transition in the Garden

March is a month of tremendous transition in the garden, as anyone working outdoors will tell you. Days of harsh frosts are still absolutely present, but they find themselves tempered by moments of sun that gently warms the face. The wider garden also bounces into life with greater urgency, with beds, borders, pots and wild spaces emerging with a kaleidoscope of bright, gaudy colour, acting as the perfect foil for the drabness of the receding Winter. Blossom shimmers and sparkles amongst the landscape, with grass developing a lush sense of bounty. March is also a moment where the gardener also begins responding to the joys of Spring, with dormant mowers being sparked into life for their first cut of the season. The last of the roses are pruned, with propagation a daily concern, alongside hardier perennials being placed and planted within the garden at large. March is a wonderful month, where we begin feeling both great pride at a Winter worked well, whilst looking ahead at the coming growing season with intense anticipation