Promise of spring

The very welcome signs of spring have been early this year.  Crocuses, snowdrops, hellebores, cyclamen and a few early daffodils have been flowering since January. The garden birds are on the lookout for a mate and singing loudly about it and Buzzards are displaying their flying skills over the park.

In the garden we are pruning fruit trees, wisteria and roses and preparing borders for the new season.  While the ground is particularly wet we can always work from scaffolding boards to protect the soil from compaction.  In the greenhouse the sweetpeas are already sprouting and we’re sowing cutting flowers, vegetables and herbs.


We’re still using the last of the squash and potato crops and rainbow chard is doing well in the garden. The last of my Fiesta apples (a Kent cultivar) have stored successfully in my larder but we’re most excited about the banana cakes we’re making now that our banana crop has finally ripened.