Merry Christmas

Reindeer herd

With Christmas fast approaching we are missing the usual bustle of wreath making workshops and decorating the Great Hall with garlands and greenery for parties and carol singing. Big sighs all round. Instead I have been trying my hand at some willow weaving to keep me busy during dark winter evenings.

Planting Salvias

In the garden we have been making some planting improvements in the borders and adding a thick blanket of compost while the soil is still warm. Bulbs are starting to come up and the first snowdrops (an early form called ‘Elwesii’) are already flowering.

Even in the shortest days of the year there is something cheerful in the garden. The bright Cornus stems glow on a sunny day and the wintersweet is filling my office with scent.

Cornus ‘Midwinter Fire’
Wintersweet & cotoneaster berries