Meet Tempesta

On 10th March 2017, the incredible sculpture by Emily Young was unveiled by Damian Green, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and Trustee of Godinton.


Tempesta is now on show for all to enjoy, standing proudly against the back drop of daffodils and spring flowers in the famous wild garden. This wonderful piece of ancient marble chosen by Emily for its remarkable natural grain and colour with niches, flaws and colour variations has been lovingly carved into a classical fine face emerging from the raw rock to produce a stunning contrast between wild ruggedness and smooth finely worked details.

The choice of piece was a culmination of two years of discussion, debate and planning by the Trustees of Godinton.The tragic loss of two lead statues stolen in 2014 opened up a debate on how they should be replaced. In the spirit of Godinton it was decided to seek out the finest contemporary sculptors.

Nick Sandford, Manager of Godinton House & Gardens said, “Choosing such an important feature for the garden is a risky business but Tempesta is a fantastic success, it keeps the collection of Godinton alive following the actions of previous owners buying the best quality contemporary or traditional art. It gives visitors an opportunity to see the work of one of England’s finest modern sculptors in a garden open to the public”.

Emily Young introduced the piece and gave a brilliant insight to her creative muse and skills working with the natural qualities and structure of the marble. A wide range of guests from historic houses, gardens and organisations supporting tourism.

Gardens open 1pm – 6pm daily.