All change!

The last blog about the house was on spring cleaning prior to what should have been the house opening on Friday – how things have changed! We had returned the majority of the showrooms to their full glory when new measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 were announced, and it was decided that the house won’t be opening for the 2020 season at all. Things are very quiet here at the moment, and a lot of the work done over the past few months now needs to be undone! Now that we won’t be seeing visitors for a long time, dust covers need to be put in place, curtains drawn to prevent damaging UV and light, and moth traps installed. There’s still plenty of monitoring that needs to be done, and daily house checks are still very much in order – historic buildings conservation waits for no man (or virus).

As a result, the work going on will move from hands-on conservation to much more archival and administration based. There’s plenty to get up-to-speed with including big tasks like standardising and checking our collections management system, which I have been slightly putting off for a while. Whilst the next few months may not look how we expected them to at the start of 2020, it’s definitely a good chance for us to get stuck in to projects that we haven’t previously had time for.