Autumn colours

Dahlia border 2018We’re still enjoying lots of colour in the garden with Asters, Rudbeckias, Sedums and Dahlias but as the temperatures start to drop the warm reds and oranges give us all a bit of a glow.

In the Walled Garden the Dahlias and Zinnias are still producing hundreds of buds and giving us the chance to take big armfuls of colour into the house each week for the florist to arrange.

Atlantic GiantPumpkins are starting to ripen ready for our Autumn Week event in October.

2018 yewEven the tractor that the two Daves are using to help cut the vast yew hedge is a cheerful, autumnal orange!Nerine sarniensis

Nerine sarniensis – not hardy enough to be planted outside but spectacular in the greenhouse this month.