Goodbye Christmas

One of the first jobs of January is to take down all the Christmas decorations in the Great Hall. It is an ‘all hands on deck’ task; with so many tree decorations to find and remove, sets of lights weaved around the room and of course the lowering of the Christmas tree itself.

It is a slow process to lower the tree, we have to take care to avoid damaging the chandelier or piano. However this is made to look easy as everyone has many years of experience. Once down it is moved outside where it is cut down to a more manageable size and taken away. All that is left is a trail of needles to be cleared up.

It is a sad moment watching the room lose its Christmas charm as it really is magnificent to behold. If you did not get to see the splendour this year why not enquire about joining our Christmas wreath workshop or Carol Service, it is an opportunity not to be missed!

IMG_7677 IMG_7680