Stirrings of Spring

As we push on into February, the nights draw out with ever greater strength, and we begin to see stirrings of Spring beginning to emerge with strong urgency. Despite the harsh cold of this month, snowdrops sparkle amongst the garden, adding dashes of shimmering white exuberance to the austerity, alongside the very first dashes of playful yellow from early flowering Narcissus. The skeletal structure of the garden continues to be laid bare, with the forms of bare trees in the wild garden providing ghostly silhouettes against bleak skies. The garden team forge ahead, with the garden being lovingly prepared for the opening of Godinton in March. Edges are sharpened, paths cleared and restored after a busy Winter of heavy manual labour. As we look towards the growing season more intently, we also feel the greatest sense of anticipation and pride in awaiting the imminent return of the public into this much-adored garden, where the fruits of that exceptionally hard work can be appreciated.

Herbaceous Borders