October dawns

As October dawns, so does the realisation the we must now prepare in earnest for the onset of Winter. The first true storms of Autumn come crashing in, with the garden subjected to violent rain and wind. We also begin to see the first signs of frost, which will icily cast a hand of real change to the garden. The gardeners prepare for Winter now by sowing the first hardy annuals; Calendula, Ammi and Antirrhinums are all to be lovingly committed to for the following year. Cuttings are gathered with feverish pace, special attention being given to Salvias and Pelargoniums. Morning light illuminates both the fading colours of the garden and adds sharpness to the bone structure of this historically rich space, with Dahlias putting on a great last hurrah. October is one of the most spectacular months in the garden, and Godinton shines now, with an intensity at odds with the chill that slowly settles upon the wider countryside.’