Out and About

It is wonderful to see how the natural world wakes up in spring. We are able to hear the fantastic dawn chorus and a similar crescendo as the sunsets.

I have been fortunate to have seen at close quarters a vixen carrying a duckling back to her earth in order to feed her cubs. Nature has its cruel aspects however survival is vital. Swallows have been seen taking Mayfly along the main drive providing an amazing aerobatic display, it is great to see them back in the park.

Whilst gardening the other day I was joined by a fledgling Blue tit who managed to shelter under a plant during a spring shower!

We are hoping to show local primary school children the delights of the river and the special plants and creatures that inhabit this fragile environment. 

It is important to keep to the footpaths and to keep dogs under control at this time of year as there are many ground-nesting birds who are vulnerable to disturbance. 
Let’s hope that we continue to get settled weather for the remainder of the spring allowing wildlife to prosper.

As usual please report any unusual sightings as you enjoy this fabulous environment.

Fledgling Blue Tit