Out and About

April has been a very dry month and the pastures could do with a shower or two. The lambs are growing fast and the ewes are working hard still feeding them. The wildflowers are making a grand display in the woodland areas with the Bluebells at their best. The birds are busy feeding their first broods and it was great to see and hear a Mistle Thrush on the edge of the main car park. The Cuckoo made its presence known on the 11th of April and was heard for several days, last year it didn’t arrive until the end of the month. Pheasants are nesting in the nectar strip alongside the west entrance and will soon be seen with their poults.

The river needs rain and is a vital part of the environment providing a home for numerous flora and fauna.

The high winds earlier in the month wrecked some fine trees, however, they are providing a unique habitat in their horizontal position!  The footpaths have dried out and are busy at the weekends enabling folk to enjoy the delights of Godinton. 

As usual please report any unusual sightings of flora or fauna and we are grateful to you for helping to preserve this wonderful environment.