Out and About

April 1st saw a thin blanket of snow for a few hours. A real shock after the warm sunny days of late March. Unfortunately, it resulted in some casualties amongst the lambs, rain followed by freezing nights was too much for some. Hopefully, the temperatures will improve with the longer days. The birds have been busy nest building and I will keep an eye on our many nest boxes to see who has moved in!

I managed to see two Kingfishers on the river this week and a pair of Mandarin ducks have made their presence known with their distinctive call. Those of you who wake early will be enjoying the dawn chorus as it announces spring. I am keen to hear the cuckoo this month. My personal records note that we heard it hear on the 1st of May last year. I would be grateful for any early reports.

The Nightingale is a rare visitor these days the best chance is on Hothfield common on a warm evening. Unfortunately increased dog activity doesn’t help at nesting time so it is helpful if they are kept on the lead for the nesting season.

The spring flowers are emerging and are making a great display along the footpaths so please stick to the designated routes where possible, though it can prove difficult after heavy rain. 

Once again thank you to all of you who look after this fragile environment.