Farming on the Estate

I’m sure many of you have bumped into either myself or Andy and sheepdog Bob whilst we are out and about checking our beautiful sheep and lambs. Myself and husband Andy, along with our now 3 year old daughter Olivia, were delighted to have the opportunity to take on the farming tenancy here at Worten Home Farm, Godinton back in 2018. This year we have a new addition to our farming family; little Monty who was born just before we started lambing making lambing even more interesting this year! Spring really has been full of new life for us here back at Worten Home Farm, we even had a mummy duck with her 13 ducklings visit us the other day.

We are almost finished lambing with only 8 ewes left to lamb. We had a few later lambers due to a couple of naughty rams escaping from the ram field and finding their way back to the flock!

We love all the seasons but there really is something special about springtime. All our bonny little lambs are bouncing around, the ewes enjoying fresh spring grass and we love watching all the flowers and buds appearing as things warm up.

You will notice as a regular visitor to Godinton that the sheep flock move around between different fields. The reason for this is due to the old pastures and parkland requiring different types of grazing management. We move them to ensure that the grazing platform is well maintained but also be a productive food source for our flock.

As you enter the drive at North Lodge you will I’m sure notice all the cheeky little lambs bounding about and racing each other around the park. Lambs are great escape artists and like to keep us on our toes with all the silly things they get up to. If you notice any doing something they shouldn’t or appearing in strange places please do let the office know.

We enjoy seeing visitors and walkers watching our sheep and lambs soaking up the spring sunshine, we are very proud of our flock and enjoy others enjoying them too.

Thank you to one of our lovely visitors who took this great photo of her children watching the lambs whilst they were exploring the beautiful gardens whilst I was out feeding. Keep your eyes peeled for a few of the lambs like the one pictured below with unusual markings, there’s a handful with black dots or funky shapes on them.

Thank you to Lucy West for her contribution and blog.