Building Conservation Workshop!

Earlier in October, our building and estates team spent the day with Terence Lee, a conservation specialist. Their workshop focused specifically on lime and brickwork, experimenting with different mixes of limes, different techniques, and different tools. Given that the very fabric of buildings across the Godinton Estate is hugely varied, and was built over several hundred years, our team need to have a comprehensive knowledge of styles, tools and materials so that they can make the work done look as seamless as possible, and help maintain functionality. Lime is particularly good at allowing walls to ‘breathe’, as it soaks up a lot of moisture, but then allows it to evaporate.

If there is any uncertainty about style, technique or material, part of Terence’s role is to teach and advise on conservation techniques, which allow the original styles to be maintained as best as possible, rather than ‘disney-fying’ them into something inauthentic and less practical. Lime is a natural, environmentally friendly material, and learning lime techniques also means that the ‘embodied energy’ of the bricks isn’t wasted by replacing them.

The team had a great day with Terence, and we’re hoping to welcome him back again to Godinton soon!