1790 to 2019

Godinton has been the subject of many paintings over the years, and you might spot one or two around the house when you come for a guided tour.

One such of these pictures can be seen in our guidebook, and is also shown below. Painted by John George Wood in the 1790’s, it shows a view of the house and surrounding estate from an areas known as Chestnut Toll. It confirms accounts of works that had been done by, John Toke who made extensive alterations to the house during the 18th century. Such works were recorded in great detail by the Toke family, and make it easy for us to track the changes to the house and estate over the years.

220 years later, aside from the addition of the beautiful gardens, the area remains unchanged, as you can see in this recent photo taken from a similar view.

1790 painting from Chestnut Toll
Today’s view