Learning Beyond the Classroom

It is always a pleasure working with Lauren from Kentish Stour Countryside Partnership on our learning days. This month she has shared her passion and knowledge about the river stour to inspire a group of children from a local primary.

To support learning within the classroom, we have run a couple of sessions on different types of water bodies including the river Stour that runs through the Estate. Riffles, Estuary, Weir, and Tributary are a few words the children learnt and were brought to life by Lauren.

Our horticulture sessions, in partnership with Lorna Wyrill, are making a difference, seeds have been planted, germinated and last week were transferred to the raised beds. The children were delighted to see how much they had grown since their last visit, in the coming weeks they will continue to nurture their plants and we will look at how the produce we grow finds its way to our plates as nutritious food. Plot to Plate, the smell of cooking will fill the air in the coming weeks.

All things aquatic