Etikett: Kent Haus und Garten

Frohes neues Jahr

Ich seufze immer erleichtert auf, wenn wir die Winter-Tagundnachtgleiche passieren, und ich weiß, dass die Tage länger werden müssen, obwohl es dunkel ist, wenn ich morgens mit den Hunden ausgehe, und dunkel, wenn ich nach Hause komme. Die Triebe der Frühlingszwiebeln auf den Rasenflächen und durch die WildnisFinde mehr heraus

Fröhliche Weihnachten

With Christmas fast approaching we are missing the usual bustle of wreath making workshops and decorating the Great Hall with garlands and greenery for parties and carol singing. Big sighs all round. Instead I have been trying my hand at some willow weaving to keep me busy during dark winter evenings. In the garden weFinde mehr heraus

Promise of spring

The very welcome signs of spring have been early this year. Crocuses, snowdrops, hellebores, cyclamen and a few early daffodils have been flowering since January. The garden birds are on the lookout for a mate and singing loudly about it and Buzzards are displaying their flying skills over the park. In the garden we areFinde mehr heraus

The joys of January

Back to work in a dank, gloomy but surprisingly warm January and we’re working off those mince pies and Christmas puddings with a bit of leaf clearing. There is never a month in the garden without flowers and this drunkenly dangling honey bee is enjoying the deliciously scented Lonicera fragrans as much as we are.Finde mehr heraus

The mammoth task of cutting the yew hedge is now complete and gables are trimmed to a perfect line. Dee has been cutting for the last month with Rosy acting as lovely assistant, driving the tractor and holding the template in place.

Feeling the Heat

As the temperatures drop the colours in the garden are still providing a warm glow. The borders are full of Asters, Rudbeckias and these fantastic Kniphofia rooperi with their mouth-watering orange drumsticks. In the walled garden the tropical colours of Cannas, Amaranthus and Dahlias are keeping the show going and now that we’ve finally hadFinde mehr heraus

Im Fokus: Lillies Hochzeitskleid

Oben auf Godintons Dachböden, Wir bewahren eine Reihe von Schätzen auf, Viele davon sind zu empfindlich, um öffentlich ausgestellt zu werden: Ein solches Beispiel dafür ist das wunderschöne Seidenhochzeitskleid von The Honourable Lillie Bruce Ward (geborene Partington), wer heiratete Robert Bruce Ward in 1897, und kaufte später das Godinton Estate in 1918.Finde mehr heraus

Praktikanten alt, Praktikanten neu & einige Spendentage!

My name is Sarah, and as the new intern here at Godinton, I’ll be taking over the running of the House & Estate blogs for the year, as well as setting up an ‘In Focusblog once a month to explore some of the fantastic objects and architecture within Godinton in a bit more depth.Finde mehr heraus

Late Summer in the Garden

Late summer is a great time for our Italian Garden filled with soft mauves and blues of late lavendar and Perovskia and the huge flowers of Buddleja ‘Dartmoor’. There’s lots of colour in the borders and apples and pears are starting to ripen in the Walled Garden. We’re also hoping to add banana cake to theFinde mehr heraus

Mittsommer in den Gärten

The cutting garden has filled with colourroses, sweetpeas, Achillea and this wonderful Penstemon barbatus with its coral red flowers much more delicate than a lot of its cultivated cousins. Deadheading is keeping our volunteers busy in the rose garden and we’re trying to keep up with the pruning of spring flowering shrubs andFinde mehr heraus