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Herbst in Godinton

Die jahreszeitlichen Veränderungen im Garten schreiten voran, und Laubbäume und Sträucher färben sich dramatisch zu wunderschönen Rottönen, Orangen und Gelb. Mit dem Regen sind Pilze und Pilze aufgetaucht und Gänse sind schon lange überflogen, laute Stränge. Sie haben vielleicht bemerkt, dass die roten Farben dieses Jahr besonders stark sind.Finde mehr heraus

The mammoth task of cutting the yew hedge is now complete and gables are trimmed to a perfect line. Dee has been cutting for the last month with Rosy acting as lovely assistant, driving the tractor and holding the template in place.

Feeling the Heat

As the temperatures drop the colours in the garden are still providing a warm glow. The borders are full of Asters, Rudbeckias and these fantastic Kniphofia rooperi with their mouth-watering orange drumsticks. In the walled garden the tropical colours of Cannas, Amaranthus and Dahlias are keeping the show going and now that we’ve finally hadFinde mehr heraus

Preparing for winter in the Gardens

On a sunny day the colours in the garden are still fantasticthe last of the dahlias and rudbeckias and these wonderful hawthorns, ‘Carrierei’, which are laden with berries. The blackbirds will make short work of them when the temperatures drop and the worms head deeper underground. With days getting shorter and the firstFinde mehr heraus

Fantastic fruits and fabulous autumn colour

The astonishing berries of Clerodendrum trichotomum var fargesii look like something a child has made out of metallic coloured play dough and last well as they are presumably not very appealing to the birds. Our quince and apple harvest has been very good this year and I’m looking forward to trying the Chicken of theFinde mehr heraus