Winter sunshine

Alfie 2We all enjoy the sunny days at this time of yearespecially the estate’s dog population who all seem to like soaking up a few rays while the rest of us are working. There are more cheery little signs of spring every daya scattering of daffodils, Iris reticulata, hellebores and the drumming of woodpeckers in the trees.

Iris 'Cantab' 2018

We’ve been clearing through the woodland walktaking out dead wood and trimming holly trees which is a great job for a cold morning and makes a very satisfying difference to the appearance of the pathway.

Woodland walk 2018CyclamenRhubarbThe rhubarb patch is already promising crumble for our menu in a few weeks and their beautiful crumpled leaves will be unfurling like a butterflies wings to make the most of the extra daylight.