Die Freuden des Januars

Zurück zur Arbeit in einem feuchten, düsterer, aber überraschend warmer Januar und wir arbeiten uns mit ein bisschen Laublichtung von den Mince Pies und Christmas Puddings ab.

Im Garten vergeht kein Monat ohne Blumen und diese betrunken baumelnde Honigbiene genießt die herrlich duftenden Lonicera fragrans so sehr wie wir.

The shrubs flowering at this time of year tend to be very strongly scented to attract any bees or moths venturing out on a decent day, ensuring that they are pollinated. As we move about the garden we are hit by clouds of scent from Sarcococca (Christmas Box), Chimonanthus (Winter Sweet), Viburnum and Daphne.





The bulbs are all starting to show their heads and this early flowering cherry, Prunus subhirtella ‘Autumnalis Rosealooks cheery throughout the winter.

The trays of sweetpeas, yet to germinate, in the greenhouse are a sign of the start to a new season and we’re giving it a thorough spring clean to prepare for all the propagation which gets going next month.