Der Uhrenexperte von Trust, kehrt zurück

Wir haben uns gefreut, den Uhrenexperten des Trust begrüßen zu dürfen, Duncan Greig, zurück zum Haus, um die Uhren weiter zu warten. Während Duncans letztem Besuch zerlegte er die James McCabe Bracket Uhr im Speisesaal, um Eveliina Peltola zu erlauben, der Möbelrestaurator des Trusts, das Gehäuse der Uhr zu reparieren, including stabilising loose veneers and mouldings. Duncan made a new hand collet for the clock (this secures the hands to the dialas the existing one was not original and poorly fitting allowing the hands to move in and out as they circled the dial.
This clock is a favourite at Godinton, especially with Angie, our Housekeeper. It is a Trafalgar style, rosewood case with a grandooned top made circa 1805. James McCabe (1748 1811) started his business in Ireland before relocating to London where he became famous for the quality of his workmanship and craftsmanship. His four sons carried on the business after his death and were one of the most famous clockmaking families of the 19th Jahrhundert, being particularly skilled at making exceptional English carriage clocks.
The clock is fitted with a repeat cord, which when pulled repeats the strike for the last hour, enabling the owner to have an idea of the time even if they are unable to see the clock.