Crabapple blossom

Wir wagen den Sprung und beginnen, zarte Sämlinge auszupflanzen, wobei wir die Daumen drücken, dass wir uns von den letzten späten Frösten verabschiedet haben. Es ist jetzt ein Kinderspiel, Potager- und Gemüsebeete zu füllen und Beete zu pflanzen, um Tulpen zu ersetzen. The garden is slowly moving on with delphiniums getting tall enough for staking and peonies producing fat, promising buds.

We are very happy to be opening the garden to more visitors and start preparing for some of our usual events to return. The plant fair at the beginning of the month will be one of the first opportunities for some of our local growers to sell their stock.

Later in the month I will be running a topiary workshop looking at the choice of plants and giving tips and advice on achieving the perfect shape. There will be a chance for a bit of hands on practise (on something at the back of a border where a wonky cut won’t be noticed!)