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Der Uhrenexperte von Trust, kehrt zurück

Wir haben uns gefreut, den Uhrenexperten des Trust begrüßen zu dürfen, Duncan Greig, zurück zum Haus, um die Uhren weiter zu warten. Während Duncans letztem Besuch zerlegte er die James McCabe Bracket Uhr im Speisesaal, um Eveliina Peltola zu erlauben, der Möbelrestaurator des Trusts, das Gehäuse der Uhr zu reparieren, einschließlich der Stabilisierung loser Furniere undFinde mehr heraus


Wichtige Informationen für Besucher ab Dienstag, 15. September Ich bin froh, dass so viele von Ihnen die Gärten im Spätsommersonnenschein genossen haben, sowie die hausgemachten Kuchen aus unserer Teestube zum Mitnehmen. Wie Sie vielleicht schon gehört haben, Die Regierung hat die Anzahl der Personen, die sich in einem Land versammeln können, begrenztFinde mehr heraus

In Focus: Country Houses & Fire

My adventures don’t seem to cease at the moment – last week, Rob and I went up to the hayloft above the Stables to have an explore. The wooden flooring is well over a hundred years old and somewhat rickety, but it houses an array of treasures. Highlights included markings on the wall from 1871,Finde mehr heraus

In Focus: Belle Portable Range

One of the quirks of one particular office is the fact that it houses a large Victorian cast-iron “Belle Portable” range, which was used right up into the 1990s. Ranges were first used around 1780: they made a welcome improvement from cooking on an open fire. Shortly after their inception, boilers were added to some,Finde mehr heraus

In Focus: Luger P08

Hidden away in a locked box at Godinton is a rather impressive Luger pistol. Officially known as a ‘Pistole Parabellum’, these semi-automatic pistols were used extensively by the German army in the first half of the 20th century, and they’re strongly associated with Nazi Germany today. If you look closely in WWII films, many ofFinde mehr heraus

Covid-19-Erklärung vom 27. Mai 2020

Following the Government’s announcement on Monday 25th May, I am pleased to confirm that we are planning to re-open the gardens to the public the week commencing 29th June – exact date and times to be finalised. Dies setzt voraus, dass es in der Zwischenzeit keine weiteren Änderungen an den Richtlinien der Regierung gibt. Prior to thisFinde mehr heraus

In Focus: Last Days in the Old Home

In the Great Chamber, there’s a small framed reproduction of the picture ‘Last Days in the Old Home’, by Robert Braithwaite Martineau. This is Martineau’s most famous painting, and hangs in the Tate today. So why do we have a copy? Well for those who look closely, you might recognise the panelling in the pictureFinde mehr heraus

The Mystery of the Missing Fireplace

Godinton possesses some spectacular fireplaces, mantelpieces and overmantels, and one of the mysteries that has been haunting me since the start of the year has been that of a ‘missing’ set. One of our volunteer guides, Karina, and her daughter Claire came in to share some of Claire’s research with me, including the fact she’dFinde mehr heraus

All change!

The last blog about the house was on spring cleaning prior to what should have been the house opening on Friday – how things have changed! We had returned the majority of the showrooms to their full glory when new measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 were announced, and it was decided that theFinde mehr heraus