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House Preparations

Over the last few weeks, the House Team has been busy working through the house making preparations to welcome visitors back in June. The two adjoining Libraries on the ground floor are now looking their best once again. These cosy rooms, separated by luxurious velvet curtains, are a peaceful place to sink into the comfortableFind out more

Gardens Opening 30th March

We are pleased to confirm that the gardens will open for the season on Tuesday 30th March. Angie will be back in the kitchen baking cakes for the takeaway tea room, starting with Rhubarb Crumble cake using the early rhubarb from the walled garden. You will be able to book tickets from the middle of March usingFind out more

Fantastic Fireplace

The fantastic fireplace in the Great Hall at Godinton House has a surround made of Bethersden marble, which is a limestone quarried from the Weald Clay around the village of Bethersden, situated approximately 4 miles from Godinton. The stone is made up of the shells of freshwater snails and winkles, which leave a clear outlineFind out more

The Four Georges

We tend to concentrate on the Tokes when talking about the history ofGodinton, as this family owned the estate for 400 years. However, Iwould like to shed a little light on George Ashley Dodd,who purchasedthe estate in 1896 and was responsible for carrying out the mostextensive structural alterations for 100 years, employing architectand garden designerFind out more

Winter cleaning

Now that we are closed for the season, the house team are starting the winter cleaning and conservation programme. Work has begun in the attics cleaning and re-organising stored items, and this week Angie and Sara gave what we call the “Maids Room” a complete overhaul. This room is part of the tour for schoolFind out more


This English marble statuette of “Lilith” by Alfred Drury (1956 to 1944) is a favourite piece in the house but sadly sits in darkness while the house is closed. We hope you are able to enjoy her beauty from this photograph. Mr and Mrs Bruce Ward purchased the statuette directly from Alfred Drury in JuneFind out more

Trust’s clock expert, returns

We were pleased to welcome the Trust’s clock expert, Duncan Greig, back to the house to continue servicing the clocks. During Duncan’s last visit he dismantled the James McCabe Bracket clock in the Dining Room to allow Eveliina Peltola, the Trust’s furniture restorer, to repair the case of the clock, including stabilising loose veneers andFind out more

In Focus: Country Houses & Fire

My adventures don’t seem to cease at the moment – last week, Rob and I went up to the hayloft above the Stables to have an explore. The wooden flooring is well over a hundred years old and somewhat rickety, but it houses an array of treasures. Highlights included markings on the wall from 1871,Find out more

In Focus: Belle Portable Range

One of the quirks of one particular office is the fact that it houses a large Victorian cast-iron “Belle Portable” range, which was used right up into the 1990s. Ranges were first used around 1780: they made a welcome improvement from cooking on an open fire. Shortly after their inception, boilers were added to some,Find out more

In Focus: Luger P08

Hidden away in a locked box at Godinton is a rather impressive Luger pistol. Officially known as a ‘Pistole Parabellum’, these semi-automatic pistols were used extensively by the German army in the first half of the 20th century, and they’re strongly associated with Nazi Germany today. If you look closely in WWII films, many ofFind out more