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December in the garden

Moving into December, the garden is now in the grips of Winter, with icy frosts, harsh rain and days of crystalline sun. The days are perishingly short, but the garden team are in full flow, fulfilling a wide range of vitally important tasks. Winter is an exceptionally busy time for gardeners, with heavy tasks such as mulchingFind out more

October dawns

As October dawns, so does the realisation the we must now prepare in earnest for the onset of Winter. The first true storms of Autumn come crashing in, with the garden subjected to violent rain and wind. We also begin to see the first signs of frost, which will icily cast a hand of realFind out more

Fond Farewell

Today 16th July 2021, we say farewell to our Head Gardener, Viv Hunt, who has been at Godinton for over 20 years. During this time, Viv has carefully guided the garden’s transformation into the fantastic spectacle that we can all enjoy today. Viv has been a big part of the community here at Godinton, andFind out more

Tulip time

As Easter brings us snow showers and hard frosts I’m trying to ignore the sad, drooping, brown flowers of the Magnolias and concentrate on the sturdier tulips which are opening all around the garden now. In the Walled Garden we are pricking out vegetable and cut flower seedlings and rotovating beds ready for direct sowing.Find out more

Merry Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching we are missing the usual bustle of wreath-making workshops and decorating the Great Hall with garlands and greenery for parties and carol singing.  Big sighs all round.  Instead, I have been trying my hand at some willow weaving to keep me busy during dark winter evenings. In the garden, we haveFind out more