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Unreliable Delphiniums

One of the pleasures of gardening is the surprise of unseasonal flowering.  You can never be precise with your predictions and the vagaries of weather and climate can make the art of designing planting companions tricky and the planning of events in a public garden a real headache.  This year the Elatum Delphinium collection is bursting intoFind out more

Gardens open for the 2017 season

It’s the first day of spring and the gardens are open to the public again.  Lovely to see people enjoying a stroll even though the brollies were out this afternoon. There’s already plenty to see with snowdrops, primroses, hellebores and crocus flowering. A few early flowering Tulipa praestans ‘Yari’ are attracting the bees and ReticulataFind out more

Making Mistletoe

Thanks to a kind supplier of some freshly cut branches of ripe mistletoe berries we are attempting to get some established in suitable trees around the garden.  We’ve tried Lime trees, hawthorn and the apples in the orchard – with Mr Goose keeping a very close eye on proceedings.    It’s an unpleasantly sticky job removingFind out more

Winter Work

This is the time for us to forage through all our hedges and evergreens for the makings of our Christmas decorations.  We’ll be making swags and wreaths to decorate the Great Hall ready for Christmas parties.  The frosty mornings have been absolutely stunning but we’ve all had to dig out our thermals – even theFind out more

Fantastic fruits and fabulous autumn colour

The astonishing berries of Clerodendrum trichotomum var fargesii look like something a child has made out of metallic coloured play dough and last well as they are presumably not very appealing to the birds. Our quince and apple harvest has been very good this year and I’m looking forward to trying the Chicken of theFind out more

Autumn Around the Corner

The borders still have plenty of colour with Asters, Chrysanthemum, Sedums and Rudbeckias all still steaming ahead but Autumn is definitely just around the corner and the cool mornings remind us to start lifting tender perennials and get some logs piled up in the wood store. We finally harvested our first crop of ‘fun sized’ bananas. It’sFind out more