Etikett: Mother’s Day

Gardens open for the season

We are very happy to be welcoming visitors to the gardens again for the start of the new season. The wild garden is putting on a fabulous show of daffodils, primroses, fritillaries and anemones. Almond and peach blossom is attracting pollinators to the walled garden and in the greenhouses we are busy propagating veg andFinde mehr heraus

Ich freue mich auf den Frühling

The daffodil meadow is starting to bloom and should be at its peak for Mothers Day. Some of the other plants are as confused by our weather as we are. The magnolias looked as though they were about to burst into flower in sunny February but ducked back in as soon as the weather cooledFinde mehr heraus

Opening the gates for the 2016 Jahreszeit

Vital health and safety checks have been carried out on the swing in the Wild Garden before we open for the new season. The earlier daffodils‘The Emperorand ‘Maximus Superbusare already in full flower and looking glorious in the sunshine. Narcissus ‘Telamonius Plenusis our oldest daffodil recorded from the 1620’s so may have beenFinde mehr heraus