2020 Tagebuch,,en,Tagebuch ist da und schon nehmen wir Buchungen für die nächste Saison entgegen,,en,Unsere Gruppen werden von Montag bis Donnerstag im historischen und majestätischen Haus herzlich willkommen geheißen,,en

Our 2020 diary has arrived and already we are taking bookings for next season. Our groups receive a warm welcome Monday through to Thursday within the historical house and majestic gardens.

We have been exceptionally busy during 2019, the house has limited availability for the remainder of the season. Booking early is recommended to avoid disappointment.

The house holds joys and secrets with its contrasts in style and décor reflecting 500 years of history of this much loved home. Guides take small groups of visitors on the tour, where furniture, porcelain, pictures and history are discovered. The lavish carving dominates the older parts of the house.