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Replanting Jubilee

December was a busy month across the estate: the Jubilee Plantation was replanted following a combination of storm damage and ash dieback. Replanting is no small task – the team … Lesen Sie weiter

Rainy Days

November has been an exceptionally rainy month: rainfall at nearby farms has been somewhere around 180mm for the month, with the average hovering much closer to 120mm for this area … Lesen Sie weiter

Building Conservation Workshop!

Earlier in October, our building and estates team spent the day with Terence Lee, a conservation specialist. Their workshop focused specifically on lime and brickwork, experimenting with different mixes of … Lesen Sie weiter

Den Stour beschützen,,en,Godinton arbeitet mit dem Kentish Stour Trust und seinen engagierten Freiwilligen zusammen, um zum Schutz der natürlichen Umwelt beizutragen,,en,und in diesem Fall,,en,vor allem unsere Wasserstraßen und,,en

Godinton works in partnership with the Kentish Stour Trust and their dedicated volunteers in order to help conserve the natural environment – and in this case, especially our waterways and … Lesen Sie weiter

Hay Harvest

The sunny spells this month have been provided the perfect opportunity to ‘make hay while the sun shines’. The hay harvested will be stored away at the farm ready for … Lesen Sie weiter

Shearing Sheep

You may notice that the sheep who graze the parkland around the estate have recently all had a haircut. After all, no one wants to be wearing a billy woolly … Lesen Sie weiter

A Big Change

Over the last 22 years major changes have happened to the Godinton Estate, overseen by our Estate Manager Nick Sandford. While there have been many changes in the Sandford family’s … Lesen Sie weiter