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The mammoth task of cutting the yew hedge is now complete and gables are trimmed to a perfect line.  Dee has been cutting for the last month with Rosy acting as lovely assistant, driving the tractor and holding the template in place.

In Focus: Mary Toke’s portrait

In Godinton’s Great Hall sits a portrait of Mary Toke (1640-1680?), eldest daughter of Captain Nicholas Toke, with her pet dog in her lap, and her black pageboy to her side. October is Black History Month in the UK, and so it was a great chance to do some research into one of Godinton’s lesserFind out more

Feeling the Heat

As the temperatures drop the colours in the garden are still providing a warm glow.  The borders are full of Asters, Rudbeckias and these fantastic Kniphofia rooperi with their mouth-watering orange drumsticks.  In the walled garden the tropical colours of Cannas, Amaranthus and Dahlias are keeping the show going and now that we’ve finally hadFind out more

In Focus: The Great Chamber Frieze

Those who have visited Godinton will almost certainly have been shown the carvings of The Great Chamber. The room itself dates back to the 1630s, when the house was rebuilt under Captain Nicolas Toke: as was the fashion of the day, the room would have been used for entertaining, often in the form of dancing,Find out more

Late Summer in the Garden

Late summer is a great time for our Italian Garden filled with soft mauves and blues of late lavendar and Perovskia and the huge flowers of Buddleja ‘Dartmoor’.  There’s lots of colour in the borders and apples and pears are starting to ripen in the Walled Garden.  We’re also hoping to add banana cake to theFind out more

Midsummer in the gardens

The cutting garden has filled with colour – roses, sweetpeas, Achillea and this wonderful Penstemon barbatus with its coral red flowers much more delicate than a lot of its cultivated cousins. Deadheading is keeping our volunteers busy in the rose garden and we’re trying to keep up with the pruning of spring flowering shrubs andFind out more

Blooming marvellous

The warm sunshine and recent showers are moving things along in the garden at a gallop.  The bearded iris collection has recovered from a major renovation and is flowering well. We are very excited to see our new addition in the Long Border Iris ‘Godinton’, bred by Iris of Sissinghurst.  The peonies are all coveredFind out more

Plant Fair

Our local nurseries produce a wonderful range of interesting and unusual plants. Come and support them as they help to conserve the diversity of plants available to gardeners.  These enthusiastic growers are dedicated to providing high quality, established plants and are more than happy to share their knowledge and give advice on the plants they sell.