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Gardens open for the season

We are very happy to be welcoming visitors to the gardens again for the start of the new season.  The wild garden is putting on a fabulous show of daffodils, primroses, fritillaries and anemones.  Almond and peach blossom is attracting pollinators to the walled garden and in the greenhouses we are busy propagating veg andFind out more

In Focus: Kate Greenaway’s watercolours

Kate Greenaway is a name which is vaguely familiar to a lot of our visitors – the Kate Greenaway Medal is a prestigious award given to children’s illustrators, with recipients including Quentin Blake, Raymond Briggs, Lauren Child and Chris Riddell. Unsurprisingly, Kate (Catherine) Greenaway was herself a children’s book illustrator. Born in 1846 to aFind out more

Spring cleaning

The worst of winter is over, and so the house re-opening is on everyone’s minds. The house gets a very thorough clean after Christmas, and the house team have recently spent many hours hoovering, dusting, buffing and window cleaning. One of Godinton’s most wonderful features is the wooden panelling and carvings found in many roomsFind out more

In Focus: Hokusai Manga

One of my favourite (re)discoveries recently has been that of 10 volumes of Hokusai’s Manga, stashed away in the Chinese Room. Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) was a Japanese artist, most famous for his piece ‘The Great Wave of Kanagawa’, which was a part of his series Thirty-Six Views of Mt Fuji. He worked extensively with printsFind out more

Promise of spring

The very welcome signs of spring have been early this year.  Crocuses, snowdrops, hellebores, cyclamen and a few early daffodils have been flowering since January. The garden birds are on the lookout for a mate and singing loudly about it and Buzzards are displaying their flying skills over the park. In the garden we areFind out more

The joys of January

Back to work in a dank, gloomy but surprisingly warm January and we’re working off those mince pies and Christmas puddings with a bit of leaf clearing. There is never a month in the garden without flowers and this drunkenly dangling honey bee is enjoying the deliciously scented Lonicera fragrans as much as we are.Find out more

In Focus: Two Court Painters

Katherine Toke’s portrait sits in the entrance hall: the best moment to catch her is when the gentle afternoon rays light up her face, but those moments are few and far-between, especially in winter. Katherine’s portrait is attributed to the circle of Sir Peter Lely, one of the most prominent painters of the 17th century.Find out more

Christmas Cheer!

Since arriving in August, I’ve repeatedly been told how wonderful Christmas at Godinton is, and so I was greatly looking forward to experiencing my first one. Fortunately, my high expectations were met: it has been an incredibly busy December, but a very lovely one too. A whole host of creative skills have been put toFind out more

In focus: Chinoiserie

Visitors to Godinton will be familiar with the ‘Chinese Room’, and as it’s my favourite room in the house, it seemed to make sense to write a blog post about it (or at least its wallpaper)! The original Chinoiserie (coming from the French ­chinois, or Chinese) craze first hit Europe in the early-mid 18th century.Find out more