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Spring Week

The gardens have seen lots of visitors enjoying the activities this week making Mr Grass Head and Easter Gardens, pond dipping, willow snails and playing games.  Thursday, our last day of scheduled events, Godinton staff will be making Butterfly feeders during the afternoon.  Over the Easter weekend you will still be able to test your knowledge withFind out more

Re – Homing Pigeons

The Godinton carpenters, Tony and Trevor, are turning an old boiler house in the walled garden into a bijou new residence for the white pigeons.  They are having to move as we are adapting the stable into a new visitor entrance and tea kiosk.  

Conservation Cleaning

After the Christmas events, the Great Hall underwent conservation cleaning. The barrel vaulted ceiling, installed in the 17th Century by Captain Nicholas Toke complete with gold rosettes, was carefully cleaned of dust and cobwebs. To reach the ceiling, some 25 foot high, a tower scaffold was needed with platforms at mid and high levels from whichFind out more

Christmas with Mr Punch

Godinton played host to Mr Punch and all his friends for a Christmas celebration in the Great Hall. Up to his usual mischief with Baby Bill, the Police Officer, a Crocodile, a Clown with sausages and of course, Judy, who came off worse for wear. Robert Styles was absolutely fantastic and engaged with the audience throughout withFind out more