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Book Cleaning

Now that the house is closed to visitors for the winter our guides and volunteers return to Godinton to help with book cleaning. The precious and historic books are carefully … Continue reading

Restoration Lead Trough

Recently, the lead trough in Godinton’s courtyard has been restored. The ornamental planter dates from 1920. The initials ‘BW’ on the front refer to the Bruce Ward family who moved … Continue reading

New Picture Lights

During the closed season we have taken the opportunity to improve the lighting of many of our portraits. The previous tungsten filament picture lamps were particularly inefficient, got very hot, … Continue reading

Ashford Artists’ Finest Works

Godinton House will be hosting the annual Art Fair run by the excellent local AVA, Ashford Visual Arts.  A great opportunity to see a whole variety of works from jewellery, … Continue reading

Conservation cleaning starts

Now that the house is closed the house staff can begin the annual conservation cleaning of the collection and furniture. Care is taken to only clean as neccessary and delicately to avoid … Continue reading